Pushing Boundaries: How M&E Brands Are Leading the AI Charge

M&E has long been at the bleeding edge of leveraging data and AI. The competition for the audience’s attention has never been fiercer, forcing incumbents to embrace innovation or risk losing relevance. Theatrical-quality releases in ultra-high definition compete with short-form user-generated content delivered via algorithms; and both compete with games that personalize in real time to users’ behaviors.

In this media use case symposium, hear from leading media innovators using AI to improve operations, product development, and audience engagement, along with their roadmap for new analytics and machine learning use cases. Spanning sports, broadcast, streaming, gambling, and gaming, this interactive panel will discuss how they are using data science to derive new revenue streams from existing IP and make better real-time decisions.

In this media use case symposium event, you’ll hear from:

  • The Minnesota Twins will talk about how they are leveraging advanced analytics in-game for better strategy and player performance
  • ViacomCBS will showcase advanced segmentation and how they are using it for addressable advertising
  • Digital Turbine will discuss how they are leveraging Databricks as a unified streaming and reporting platform to deliver insights and new products

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