Self-Service Analytics on the Modern Data Stack

Remove barriers to decision-making with the lakehouse

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Amazing things can happen when you take your people away from the complexities of software and technology and give them the data to make better business decisions. A modern data stack enables data stewards — from line-of-business workers to frontline analysts — to mobilize data assets quickly for more informed decisions.

Watch Databricks and Tableau to find out how to move to a modern data stack on the lakehouse. This approach can help you outpace your competition by innovating and adapting your business models.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Get instant access to structured and unstructured data in the data lake
  • Connect to a Databricks SQL endpoint from Tableau in minutes
  • Perform analysis on real-time streaming and batch data
  • Build a data-rich environment for data analysts and data scientists to collaborate

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