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How To Secure, Scale, And Simplify Your Cloud Data Platform

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The next generation of dominant companies in every segment will, underneath the covers, be data companies. To enable massive enterprise-wide data transformation, you need to bring all your users and all of your data together. Transforming into a data-driven organization is complex and risky due to fragmented security, reactive administration to manage costs, and unmanageable scale. In this webinar, learn how to architect a simple, secure and production-ready data platform

Watch this teaser video on core design principles to simplify, secure and scale your data platform. Sign up for the webinar to learn more.

You will learn how to build an enterprise-wide data platform that is secure, easy to administer and can help you take analytics and ML projects into production rapidly.

Agenda at a Glance:

In this webinar, teams that manage data platforms will:

Learn how Dell Computers and Shell deploy, manage, secure, and scale their data platforms across the enterprise. You will hear from:

  • Daniel Jeavons, General Manager for data science at Shell on “Identifying and scaling high-value data analytics use cases across the organization on AWS and Azure”
  • Maheshwar Dattatri, Technical Director, Analytics Architect and Cloud Strategy at Dell on “Dell Client Product Group’s journey building an enterprise grade data and analytics platform on Azure Databricks”

Learn to deploy, secure, manage and scale the data platform with live demonstrations on how to:

  • Provision Databricks workspaces in your private network using cloud-native tooling and other relevant constructs
  • Add data users and groups to the workspaces using the open standard SCIM, that allows seamless integration between identity providers like Azure AD, Okta etc. and service providers like Databricks
  • Configure cluster policies to conform to enterprise data governance standards, limit budget creep beyond a threshold and make sure there’s a proper chargeback
  • Set role-based access control for users and groups to different workspace objects like clusters, notebooks, all in an automated manner
  • Utilize credential passthrough for data access that seamlessly uses integration between identity providers and cloud-native role-based access control

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Featured speakers:

Vinay Wagh

Director of Product

AWS Track

Daniel Jeavons

General Manager for Data Science

Denis Dubeau

Manager, Partner Solutions Architect

Azure Track

Maheshwar Dattatri

Cloud Analytics Architect and Lead

Abhinav Garg

Principal Solutions Architect