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Run BI and SQL workloads directly on the data lake to open new lines of business and accelerate time to value

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Enterprises today struggle with the complexity of maintaining both data lakes and data warehouses. They grapple with data silos that prevent a single source of truth, the expense of maintaining complicated data pipelines, and reduced decision-making speed.

The answer to this complexity is the lakehouse, a platform architecture that implements similar data structures and data management features to those in a data warehouse directly on the low-cost, flexible storage used for cloud data lakes. This new, simplified architecture allows traditional analytics and data science to co-exist in the same system.

Hear from Joel Minnick, Databricks’ VP of Product Marketing, as he details:

  • The new SQL Analytics service, which provide clients with a first-class experience for performing BI and SQL workloads directly on the data lake
  • How it enables teams to work in a unified system that provides highly performant streaming capabilities and query performance innovations that deliver fast results on larger and fresher data sets
  • How this makes Databricks the first to realize the complete vision of lakehouse architecture, combining data warehousing performance with data lake economics

We’ll also be joined by Mark Kobe, Databricks’ VP of Business Development, Consultants and SIs, to share partner exclusive resources, which will help you open new lines of business for your clients. This includes recommendations for how to utilize Databricks’ Solution Architects directly in client briefings, how to participate in new training, and how to take advantage of incentives that accelerate client adoption and value.