Step-by-Step Guide to Hadoop Migration

Available On Demand

Migrating from Hadoop to a modern, cloud-based data and AI platform is a priority for more and more organizations. Join this event to learn the 5 key steps for a successful migration:

  1. How to ingest data and metadata — and how to keep that data synchronized until you are ready to EOL your on-premises solution
  2. How to convert your code from Hive to Apache SparkTM
  3. How to transition your existing security (utilizing systems like Apache Ranger) to online security
  4. How to administer a unified data and analytics platform to remove the DevOps burden
  5. How to enable BI and SQL access on your cloud-based platform

Migrating to a unified data and analytics platform can save you money immediately. Attendees will receive a detailed framework to help evaluate the cost and impact of migration on your organization — a great tool to help you make the case for migration.


Ron Guerrero
Solutions Architect, Databricks

Pardeep Kumar
Solutions Architect, Databricks

Mubashir Kazia
Solutions Architect, Databricks

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