Unlock the Potential of Your Data Lake on Azure

How AT&T and Mars unified analytics and AI on the lakehouse for success

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Join us to find out how to modernize your data management architecture on Azure Databricks. When you unlock the potential inside your data lake, you’ll make it reliable, secure and performant for analytics and AI.

This webinar will include:

  • An overview of the lakehouse architecture, which combines the cost and scale of a data lake with the performance and reliability of a data warehouse
  • Why organizations are moving to this new data and AI paradigm
  • How AT&T standardized on Databricks to deliver insights at scale and democratize data through the rapid deployment of AI and BI use cases
  • How Mars unified analytics and AI on the Lakehouse to deliver insights at scale
  • A demo of how data engineers and data scientists can get the most from their lakehouse using Azure Databricks
  • A live Q&A session with our guest speakers

Kyle Hale, Partner Solutions Architect

Kate Hopkins, Vice President, Data Platform Delivery

Mars Wrigley
Deepak Jose, Global Senior Director, One Demand Data & Analytics

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