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Unite your teams with the Databricks Lakehouse platform

According to a Gartner study, at least 80% of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy for managing data processes across multiple geographies. With this multi-cloud model, organisations can benefit from optimum scalability, flexibility and security.

In addition, by utilising open standards and open data access – and working seamlessly across multiple clouds – enterprises can avoid being locked into specific platforms and can eliminate silos and complexity. This open cloud approach also enables better collaboration between developers and data teams, and improves interoperability and portability for companies that want to use multiple public clouds for analytics and AI applications. The multi-cloud capabilities of Databricks allow customers to increase efficiency and productivity, enhance customer experiences, and create new revenue opportunities.

 At this event, you will:

  • Discover more about Lakehouse vision and how Delta Lake delivers reliability, security and performance to data lakes
  • Find out how customers have successfully implemented a multi-cloud approach
  • Hear from high growth cloud native companies on the challenges of reaching scale
  • Explore the latest developments in automating MLOps
  • Discover how to use SQL Analytics to query directly on your data lake
  • Learn about Hadoop Migration and moving big data workloads to the cloud

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