Workshop: More data for better AI outcomes in Ad Tech

Optimize advertising outcomes with the Databricks Lakehouse for Ad Tech

How can agencies and publishers compete with the digital ad giants? In this virtual workshop, learn how data teams at established and emerging brands are using the Databricks Lakehouse to bring together a broad range of data to build a 360-degree customer view. You’ll also find out how they leverage AI to maximize ad inventory, build look-alike segments optimized for responsiveness, and use advanced attribution and sales forecasting to better understand marketing ROI.

Additionally, programmatic media technologist MiQ will share how they are building their marketer and agency solutions on top of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to access the right data, unearth the smartest insights, and then activate them across all their clients’ platforms and channels.

Join this event to:

  • Understand how the lakehouse paradigm enables real-time ad tech by generating a holistic view of the customer
  • Hear MiQ discuss how they are using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to supercharge their programmatic ad buying services
  • Learn how to build a granular multi-touch attribution model from our technical specialist
  • Get an overview of our other pre-built Solution Accelerators for the marketing and ad tech space, including segmentation, recommendations and sales forecasting

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