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Unlock Your Data With Immuta and Databricks

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Why Immuta for Databricks

Why Immuta for Databricks

Immuta helps organizations unlock value from their data by providing an integrated platform for sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and data use monitoring. With these capabilities, the Immuta Data Security Platform delivers data security for the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, enabling data teams to secure and scale lakehouse access while accelerating and simplifying operations.

How it works

Data Discovery & Classification

Data Discovery & Classification

Immuta leverages Unity Catalog APIs to monitor for schema and user changes. The platform enriches user metadata by discovering and tagging sensitive data, inferring additional information like PII, tagging data with external information, and leveraging Unity lineage for tag propagation.

Security & Access Control

Security & Access Control

Immuta orchestrates dynamic attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies reflected as native Unity Catalog controls, including grants, revokes, row-level security and column masking.

User & Data Activity Monitoring

User & Data Activity Monitoring

Immuta offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including audit logs of user queries, policy enforcement, Spark plan, backing storage, policy version and change audit, compliance reports, and user access summaries.

Use cases

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Simplify operations

Implement dynamic access control and policy management that requires 93x fewer data policies. By simplifying and scaling data security, you increase the ROI of Databricks. 

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Improve data security

Immuta separates the complexities of data security from data management, enabling consistent policy enforcement across Databricks, and simpler compliance and risk management.

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Unlock data’s value

Immuta accelerates access to data by 100x, enabling Databricks users to be more productive and able to unlock more value from their data.

Product Demo

Learn how Immuta delivers data security for the Databricks Lakehouse Platform–including Databricks clusters and Databricks SQL–through the integration with Unity Catalog.

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Customer Story: Swedbank

“We have been able to save time without compromising on the data security and compliance.”

–  Vineeth Menon, Head of Data Lake Engineering, Swedbank

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Customer Story: Booz Allen Hamilton

“At Booz Allen Hamilton, we are taking a dynamic but controlled approach to our own security, and Immuta is at the forefront of that.”

–  Jeffrey Hess, Lead Technologist, Booz Allen Hamilton

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