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Why Databricks + Informatica?

Ingest data directly into Delta Lake

Accelerate processing of high-volume pipelines in Delta Lake using the drag-and-drop interface, Informatica Big Data Management.

Get faster time to value for analytics

Develop highly reliable data sets through Delta Lake’s ACID transactions, schema enforcement, and other file enhancements.

Verify data lineage for analytics and ML

Find the right data sets in Delta Lake for model training with the Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog integration.

Watch Databricks CEO, Ali Ghodsi at Informatica World 2019

Watch Databricks CEO Ali Ghodsi at Informatica World 2019

Informatica’s CEO and Ali Ghodsi kick off Informatica World with an opening keynote.

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How it works

Build a data pipeline without any coding

Informatica’s Data Engineering Integration (DEI) with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform allows data teams to create scalable pipelines in an optimized Apache Spark™ implementation.

Build A Data Pipeline without Any Coding

Push down Spark jobs and use Delta lake to provide reliability

Push down Spark jobs and use Delta Lake to provide reliability

Delta Lake provides high reliability and performance to scale data sets and data pipelines for analytics and ML projects. Achieve speed and agility of data management by provisioning analytics models quickly.

Find the right data sets for analysis

Automate your organization’s data governance processes with a powerful integration between Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) and Databricks. Trace the origin of data for complete data lineage tracking in Delta tables.

Webinar: Data Discovery and Lineage Simplified for Cloud Analytics →

Find the Right Datasets for Analysis

Use cases

Enable fraud

Get faster data access to allow data teams to detect fraudulent transactions in real time.

Improve personal care experience

Modernize your technology stack to provide a superior experience for patients and physicians.

Verify lineage of sensitive data sets

Automate catalog management to discover the most trusted data for modeling.

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