Simplify File, Image, and Non Tabular Data Governance with Unity Catalog Volumes

What you’ll learn

Volumes allow you to govern and manage non-tabular data, providing a space for your team to upload and store various types of content, such as CSV files, images, and other files.

Databricks Volume offers a simplified UI and API that facilitates the uploading and exploration of any content within your volumes, making it exceptionally convenient to interact with external files.

  • Facilitate analysts in uploading and working with ad hoc files like CSV, data, and images.
  • Load libraries directly from your storage.
  • Ingest files and images from external locations into Delta Lake tables.
  • Ensure secure and trackable access to files across different teams.
  • Share local folders across your cluster for AI and Deep Learning purposes.
  • Implement access control mechanisms for files stored in your cloud storage (e.g., S3 bucket, ADLS, GCS).
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