DBRX: A New Standard for Open Source LLMs

What you’ll learn

DBRX sets a new standard for efficient LLMs. It outperforms all existing open source models as well as GPT 3.5 on standard benchmarks. DBRX plus Mosaic AI helps developers deploy production-quality GenAI applications that are safe, accurate, and governed. Since it’s fully open source, users can further augment or fine-tune the model and even build their own custom LLM using DBRX as a reference design.

DBRX is a Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) model built on the MegaBlocks research and open source project, making the model extremely fast in terms of tokens/second.

DBRX instruct is available now through the Foundation Model API - try it yourself today!

Announcing DBRX - New Standard in Open Source LLMs



Product Tour

Leverage Databricks LLM DBRX Instruct with Databricks Playground

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Product Tour

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