eBook — 2nd Edition

Unlock the true value of your data

An open approach for sharing data, analytics

Share data securely across platforms

Today’s economy revolves around data. Where data sharing may have been considered optional, it’s now required. Organizations need to exchange data with their customers, suppliers and partners. However, they face major challenges — including lack of governance, legacy solutions and vendor lock-in.

To be truly data-driven, organizations need a better way to share data. Databricks provides an open and secure approach to data sharing and collaboration.

Read this newly revised eBook and learn:

  • Common use cases and key benefits to data sharing in the modern era
  • How Delta Sharing works — an open standard for secure sharing of live data and AI assets across platforms, clouds and regions without replication
  • How Databricks Marketplace works — an open marketplace for all your data and AI, with a vast ecosystem of data consumers and data providers
  • How Databricks Clean Rooms works — enables businesses to collaborate with customers and partners in a secure environment on any cloud in a privacy-safe way
  • How to get started and accelerate time to value by consuming shared data directly from the tools of your choice