Big Book of Data Warehousing and BI

Your complete how-to guide to data warehousing with the Data Intelligence Platform

Explore real-world use cases from governance, transformation, analytics and AI

As the demand for data becomes insatiable in every company, the data infrastructure has become increasingly complex. Learning from real-world, end-to-end use cases of data warehousing, data modeling and data governance can be challenging.

You need a hands-on resource that walks you from raw data into actionable data with the Data Intelligence Platform, built on a lakehouse architecture — from data ingestion and analytics to AI and LLMs. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide you can start using right away.

Get everything you need — reference architectures, best practices and code samples — so you can start putting the Data Intelligence Platform to work today. Plus, you’ll get case studies from multinational companies like Akamai and InMobi.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How data warehousing using Databricks Platform provides scale, performance and cost-efficiency
  • Why you need an AI-optimized serverless data warehouse
  • How and why multiple industries are using Databricks as their enterprise data platform