Migrating From a Data Warehouse to a Data Lakehouse for Dummies

Analyze All Your Data in One Place

Get built-in governance, ease of use and up to 12x better price/performance

Enterprise data warehouses offer essential features, but they also create complexity, cause data management issues and hinder innovation. With a modern data architecture, you can simply run your SQL and BI workloads where all your data already resides: in your data lake.

That’s why you should migrate to the Databricks Lakehouse. This simple, open and multicloud platform offers better price/performance and fine-grained governance for your data warehouse workloads — as well as scalable AI. It helps you optimize your total cost of ownership by simplifying your data architecture.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess your company’s data maturity
  • Prioritize your data and AI strategy
  • Manage all your unique data types in one place
  • Evaluate top considerations for your data warehouse migration
  • Maximize your benefits from enterprise data