Future-proof your data strategy with Lakehouse

How to power all your analytics on one platform

Find out why the best data warehouse is a lakehouse

Run all your SQL and BI applications at scale with up to 12x better price/performance. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform for Dummies is your guide to simplifying data storage. Learn how to make BI work rapidly on data lakes by using SQL and performance capabilities such as indexing, caching and MPP processing. You can also stop forcing your data through a SQL-based data warehouse by taking advantage of direct file access and native support for Python, data science and AI frameworks.

Read this eBook to explore:

  • The evolution of data management solutions
  • The emergence of lakehouse architecture to store all types of data
  • How the lakehouse enables all analytics workloads, including BI, SQL analytics, data science and machine learning
  • How to accelerate your data strategy