Streamline the full data management lifecycle

Data management has been a critical and common practice employed across industries for many years. At its core, data management encompasses all disciplines related to managing data as a strategic and valuable resource, including collecting, processing, governing, sharing and analyzing data — and doing it all in a cost-efficient, effective and reliable manner.

But how do organizations truly avoid the data management mess and uplevel this process to more efficiently serve downstream analytics, data science and machine learning? Download this eBook to dive into data management on Databricks: ingestion, transformation, analytics, sharing and governance.

In this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Automatically and reliably ingest and prepare structured and unstructured data at scale for data lakes
  • Simplify your architecture and enable data scientists and analysts to query the freshest and most complete data using their SQL and BI tools of choice
  • Centrally share and govern data within and across organizations using open source Delta Sharing and a unified data catalog