Technical Guide

Data Sharing and Collaboration With Delta Sharing

Accelerate innovation, generate new revenue streams

Practical guidance on how to build a data sharing and collaboration strategy

Today’s economy revolves around data, and data sharing is an essential component to drive business value. This technical guide will help you explore the power of data sharing across industries and how Databricks’ open source approach to data sharing helps customers share data, analytics and AI across platforms, clouds and regions with strong security and governance. 

Download this technical guide for a comprehensive review of data sharing, collaboration, benefits and challenges, and how you can implement an open approach to data sharing across different platforms, clouds and regions.

Read this technical guide to learn about:

  • The data sharing landscape, current models and platforms, industry use cases, current challenges, and benefits of data sharing and collaboration
  • Delta Sharing — the first open source approach to data sharing and collaboration — and how it works, including sharing methods and scenarios
  • Databricks Marketplace — an open marketplace for discovering, evaluating and sharing more than data, including Solution Accelerators, AI models and industry use cases
  • Databricks Clean Rooms — a privacy-safe environment for sharing and joining data between organizations, challenges and solutions for safeguarding data, key partnership integrations, industry use cases, and best practices
  • Crafting a data collaboration strategy and framework, reviewing data sharing scenarios for lines of business, business-to-business, and data monetization
  • Driving excellence in data sharing practices