Delta Lake: Up & Running by O’Reilly

Step-by-step guidance on the basics of Delta Lake

Get started with Delta Lake

Get this O’Reilly eBook to learn the basics of Delta Lake, the open storage format at the heart of the lakehouse architecture. You’ll get guidance on taking your first steps with Delta Lake, including running Delta Lake on a Spark cluster using PySpark or Scala, creating a table, and reading data from and writing data to a Delta table. In addition, you’ll learn a little bit about the inner workings of Delta Lake. After reading this ebook, you’ll come away with a better understanding of the kind of challenges Delta Lake helps you solve and how you can get started with leveraging Delta Lake for your next project.

This eBook includes:

  • An introduction to data warehouses, data lakes and the lakehouse architecture
  • An overview of how Delta Lake solves common problems and powers the lakehouse architecture
  • Hands-on steps for creating your first Delta table
  • A glimpse of Delta Lake under the hood, including the transaction log and checkpoint files