Drive business outcomes from sensitive data

Level up your data strategy with confidential computing

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You’re on the cusp of an organization-wide data transformation. 

Within your sensitive and confidential data there’s enormous power to drive use cases — from personal financial data to medical information, to sales transaction histories and more.  

And the beginning of all that is in The Guide to Data and AI Transformation at Scale from Databricks. 

Read it now for a step-by-step methodology to identify the goals and value of an executable data strategy that’s powered and secured using Azure Databricks, Azure confidential computing, and AMD EPYC™ processors with Infinity Guard featuring SEV-SNP technology.  

Find out how Databricks Lakehouse on Azure enables you to:

  • Unlock the business value of sensitive data, analytics and AI 
  • Increase data confidentiality and privacy while sending, storing and processing sensitive data 
  • Minimize risk and simplify governance with a unified model across clouds 
  • Lower operational costs by reducing legacy processes