Starter Kit

Introduction to Data Lake Use Cases on AWS

How to get started with data lake analytics

Want to get started with analytics use cases on your data lake but unsure how to go about it? Start here with this package of real-world use cases you can tackle right away and line-by-line detail in example notebooks.

This starter kit contains 3 resources:

  • Demo: Databricks on AWS Cloud Integrations: Learn how to connect to EC2, S3, Glue and IAM, ingest Kinesis streams in Delta Lake and integrate Redshift and QuickSight
  • eBook: Mining Your Data Lake for Analytics Insights: Use cases from LoyaltyOne and Comcast show you how Delta Lake delivers more data in less time (at lower cost), enables faster queries and simplifies data engineering at scale
  • eBook: 3 Use Cases for Databricks on AWS: Get hands-on with Databricks notebooks, code examples and commentary for the three most common data science scenarios: recommendation engines, churn analysis and intrusion detection