Lakehouse Federation on Databricks

Unify your entire data estate with lakehouse

Discover, query, and govern all your data no matter where it lives

Data is distributed across various data sources. As a result, every organization struggles to access the right data at the right time. As announced at Data + AI Summit, Lakehouse Federation on Databricks extends the reach of the lakehouse beyond your existing data lake, so you can discover, query and govern all your data in one place no matter where it lives. Specifically, some of the key benefits are: 

  • Unified view into all your data: One common approach to securely discover and explore all data — structured and unstructured — no matter where it lives.
  • Unified engine for all data for any use case: Faster prototyping and ad hoc analysis by querying external data sources for data, analytics and AI use cases using a single engine with no ingestion required.
  • Unified governance across all data sources: One permission model for your entire data estate, providing unified data governance with built-in data lineage and auditability.

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