Migrating From Hadoop to Data Lakehouse for Dummies

Leave Hadoop behind for faster insights
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Hadoop platforms have failed to deliver business value due to the lack of data science capabilities, the high cost of operations and the inability to scale. As a result, enterprises are looking to migrate off of Hadoop.

The Databricks Lakehouse is a cloud-native platform for all your data, analytics and AI use cases. It provides a single platform for developers, analysts, data scientists and business users, enabling them to build, deploy, scale and manage analytical applications in minutes instead of hours or days. It is built on modern, open standards and provides a common unified approach to data governance and data sharing.

This book will help you discover why you should migrate from Hadoop to Databricks and how to drive business value through data science, AI and ML use cases.

You’ll find out:

  • How the lakehouse can help you meet 3 essential data and AI goals
  • 5 key steps for your migration from Hadoop to the lakehouse
  • How CBC Radio-Canada reduced time to insight by 50%
  • 10 steps to enable and scale your data, analytics and AI strategy