Data has a new destination. Here’s your guide.

How to get the best of data warehouses and data lakes

You might’ve heard that the lakehouse is opening up a new era of data and AI.

But before you can run a data lakehouse, you need to walk through this guide. The Modern Cloud Data Platform for Dummies is the introduction every data professional needs to start simplifying — and future-proofing — their data management strategy.

In this eBook, you’ll take a deep dive into:

  • Why traditional data management solutions are failing
  • Lakehouse vs. other data management solutions — a head-to-head comparison
  • The business and technical benefits of unifying all analytics workloads in one platform

Download the eBook now and see how the lakehouse can help your data teams simplify and move faster — and still bring down costs. This is the guide you’ll want to share with your team members and other stakeholders.