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Speed up MERGE, UPDATE and DELETE queries by up to 10x

The lakehouse architecture has enabled customers to process large volumes of data at low latencies while keeping storage and compute costs within customer budgets. Today, Databricks customers are processing over 1 exabyte of data daily, with more than 50% of tables utilizing Data Manipulation Language (DML) operations like MERGE, UPDATE and DELETE.

From ETL to analytics, streaming to batch processing, DML operations are prevalent across various data engineering scenarios that customers implement today. Data engineering teams always need better DML performance and lower TCO to drive even greater scale and provide their users with greater insights.

Deletion Vectors are a capability in open source Delta Lake that lets Photon provide up to 10x performance improvements for MERGE, UPDATE and DELETE queries. It helps data engineering teams significantly speed up their ETL, streaming and ingestion scenarios, allowing them to provide faster insights to their user.

As this is a gated preview, we will onboard customers on a case-by-case basis to guarantee a smooth preview process. We have limited slots for preview and hope to include as many customers as possible. If we are unable to onboard you during the gated preview, we will reach out and update you when we are ready to roll out more broadly.