State of Data + AI

Data intelligence and the race to customize LLMs

With AI dominating conversations everywhere, technical practitioners and executives are seeking answers: How are leading companies succeeding with GenAI? How does my ML strategy and execution compare to my peers?

Delivering on these initiatives requires the right strategy, platform and data stack. The State of Data + AI is your playbook. Discover how more than 10,000 companies — now including over 300 of the Fortune 500 — have made massive progress in the span of one year.

In this report built from aggregated, anonymized data, we’ll share key findings and the strategies behind them:

  • Why 11x more AI models were put into production year over year
  • How leaders are taking more control over their LLMs by customizing them with their private data through retrieval augmented generation (RAG)
  • Why Financial Services and Healthcare & Life Sciences, both highly regulated industries, are surprise early GenAI adopters

Representing every major industry and companies of all sizes, this report is a must-read for all data and AI professionals.