Top Trends Data + AI Leaders Should Know in 2021

Data and Analytics as a Core Business Function

This research provides simple actions for D&A leaders and executives on how to make data and analytics a core business function at every level of the organization.

In this Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021: Data Analytics as a Core Business Function report you will learn:

  • “To achieve broad business and societal impact and to build the resilient organization needed to adapt to change, D&A leaders must extend these investments beyond individual departments and projects to empower everyone in the enterprise and beyond.
  • Executive leaders view enterprise data sharing as a key business capability for value creation, but lack the “know how” to effectively share data at scale and with trust. As a result, crucial opportunities to accelerate digital business are missed.
  • For high-performing organizations, D&A has become core to how they serve their customers and optimize business processes.”

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