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Delivering Better Outcomes With the Data Intelligence Platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Go from months to minutes with Databricks

Delivering the future of care with Lakehouse

Accelerate clinical research and improve patient outcomes on an open, collaborative platform for data and AI.

By modernizing your data and AI capabilities, the Databricks Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences enables you to reimagine the future of industry. Unifying all of your multimodal healthcare data (i.e., imaging, genomics, EHR, etc.) on a single platform with sharing and governance built-in enables internal and external teams to access data the moment they need it.

Take a tour of the Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences and find out how it can help you:

  • Improve patient engagement by bringing together data across devices, EHRs and more
  • Enable real-time analytics and operations by rapidly ingesting streaming data from anywhere
  • Build an AI-powered, efficient and de-risked supply chain 
  • Discover novel therapeutics faster by unlocking the power of machine learning