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Data Intelligence Platform for Retail

Go from months to minutes with Databricks

The only enterprise data platform actually built for the way retailers use data

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform for Retail allows you to reimagine the future of retail by modernizing your data and AI capabilities to drive real-time decisions and lead customers on a journey that champions your brand. 

By combining observational, transactional and behavioral data with a full suite of capabilities on a single platform with sharing and governance built in, internal and external teams can get access to the data they need when they need it. De-risk your business by enabling real-time decisions, collaboration across the value chain, and more value derived from data, faster — both in store and in the back office. 

Take a tour of our content to find out how the Data Intelligence Platform for Retail helps you:

  • Improve engagement with customers to drive increased value and better insights
  • Augment employees with AI to enable them to focus on the customer
  • Build an AI-powered, efficient supply chain