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Lakehouse for Financial Services Blueprints Tutorial

Discover how to deploy in as little as 10 minutes

Take the shortest path to secure lakehouse deployment

Get value from your data platform and lakehouse investment as quickly as possible. Industry Lakehouse Blueprints can help you simplify your deployment and configuration of Databricks Lakehouse on any cloud platform.

Lakehouse Blueprints are industry-sourced, prescriptive design patterns. They range from “how-to guides” or demos to completely codified libraries and Terraform modules that you can use to build your lakehouse.

Take a tour of our content to find out how Lakehouse Blueprints can help you:

  • Reduce timelines by 3-6 months for complex, highly secure deployments across industries
  • Save time and resources through automation
  • Reduce the risk of misconfigurations in multicloud deployments
  • Get up and running in minutes with preconfigured jobs and workspaces