Reward Offer

Grow with Databricks

Take advantage of your time-limited rewards
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To accept this offer,1 just submit the sign-up form. A Databricks representative will reach out to confirm your eligibility and participation.

Overview of your time-limited offer:

Free Databricks usage credits

Incremental usage, above your current level, will be free for three months. Databricks will offset your incremental growth with free usage credits for those three months - up to $10,500 USD of account credit.

How it works (example): If you consumed $500 of Databricks in February, Databricks will not bill you for incremental usage above $500 for the following three months (March-May). As a result, if your usage increased to $1100 in March, Databricks will provide a $600 credit to offset that incremental growth.2  

Free hands-on help 

  • Free 30-minute consultation with a Databricks expert
  • Free access to live workshops led by Databricks experts
  • Free access to live Q&A sessions at biweekly office hours
  • Free online training 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Databricks representative about this offer, please reach out to [email protected].

1 Please note: This offer is for the organization which received the Databricks emailed invitation and is not transferable. If not accepted by submitting the completed form, this offer expires at 5 PM PT April 30, 2024. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions or with negotiated terms. Databricks reserves the right to withdraw or cancel this offer at any time.

2 Monthly free usage credits are capped at $3,500. Incremental monthly consumption above $3,500 will be billed to the participating customer. For example, if a customer consumed $500 in February, the month in which they enrolled in this offer, and then consumed $5,000 in March, their first month, Databricks will provide $3,500 free usage credits and bill the customer for $1,500.