Virtual Event

Healthcare and Life Sciences Workshop: Accelerate R&D with Real-world Data + AI

Learn how to use real-world data and machine learning to optimize clinical trials

Real-world evidence is playing an increasingly important role in healthcare decision-making. One area of notable impact is clinical trials where data from observational studies and advanced analytics techniques have helped accelerate drug approvals. However, transforming real-world data into novel insights requires a modern, scalable analytics platform that can handle diverse health data.

Join this virtual workshop to learn how to bring together your real-world data for analytics and AI at scale with Databricks. We’ll also show you how to use our Solution Accelerators — pre-built notebooks for Data + AI use cases — to create comparable cohorts to a clinical trial with propensity score matching.

Some of the topics we’ll cover at this event include:

  • Learn how to harness the power of real-world evidence with a simple, open and collaborative platform for data, analytics and AI
  • Gain deeper insights into Delta Lake and the lakehouse architecture on Databricks
  • Build a lakehouse for RWE analytics at scale with our new Solution Accelerator
  • Learn how to build a propensity score model

Accelerate RD with real world Data ai og image