How to Build a Modern BI Stack on the Lakehouse

Delivering intelligent analytics applications with Databricks and Power BI
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Data teams want to work with data as soon as it’s available — whether it’s batch, real-time or streaming. But much of this data comes at high velocity in a cloud data lake and needs cleaning up. And this cleanup often happens outside of data warehouses that are used for reporting and analysis. Working in this siloed architecture hinders analysts and SQL users in accessing valuable insights for business reporting.

Watch to learn how Power BI and Databricks are helping data teams build efficient, high-performance analytics and BI applications using Power BI’s integration with Azure Databricks. Power BI users can use Databricks SQL to query and analyze data that resides in the data lake.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Eliminate data silos by using Delta Lake to build a lakehouse on Azure
  • Enable every analyst to query the freshest and most complete data directly on the data lake with Databricks SQL
  • Build dashboards instantly using Power BI’s strong native integration with Azure Databricks

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