Accelerate Business Value With Delta Sharing

Discover how to monetize your data and drive greater insights

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Data sharing is crucial to drive business value in today’s digital economy. Organizations are looking to securely share data with their partners/vendors, internal line of business, and generate revenue streams with data monetization. Databricks Delta Sharing empowers organizations to seamlessly and securely share and consume live data without the limitations enforced by vendor-specific sharing networks or constraints of legacy delivery systems like sFTP.

Watch this webinar to learn how SafeGraph and Jefferies Group are leveraging Delta Sharing, the industry’s first open protocol for secure data sharing, to enhance their data delivery and unlock business value of data with enriched location data to provide unique insights.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Delta Sharing is helping data providers like SafeGraph streamline solutions to share data
  • How Delta Sharing is helping SafeGraph reduce the “cost of curiosity” for data consumers like Jefferies
  • How Jefferies Group leverages SafeGraph’s location data to power unique insights in financial services



Rayne Gaisford

Global Head of Data Strategy

Equity Research Jefferies LLC


James LaVersa

Enterprise Customer Success Manager



Jay Bhankharia

Senior Director, Data Provider Partnerships