Alternative Data Analytics with Python

How Rappers and Plant-based Meat Impact Restaurant Stocks

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Supercharging Your Data Lake with Alternative Data

A new breed of Financial Services companies are now incorporating new, external, real-time sources of data to make financial decisions: Smart Asset Managers are “Now-casting” what’s happening in their portfolio companies to generate superior alpha and banks are analyzing broader sets of data for superior underwriting performance and upsell/cross-sell. Insurance companies now predict claim expenses instead of reacting to them.

These days, there are outstanding vendors offering access to valuable alternative data and 3rd party datasets, including geolocation, social media, and transaction datasets. With the increased availability of high-quality alternative data, the opportunities for competitive advantages are in the efficient storing of data, cleaning it, and combining insights across disparate datasets. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to start with a sample ticker (e.g. plant-based meat stock), optimize storage of alternative data sources related to this ticker, and analyze ticker-related foot traffic data to guide investment decisions and increase to alpha.

In the webinar, learn:

  • The latest use cases driven by the alternative and 3rd party data sets
  • How to ingest and optimize your alternative data sources using Delta Lake capabilities
  • To run text analytics at scale with near real-time GDELT news sources
  • To combine SafeGraph’s refined geolocation data with web-scraped data to guide investment decisions
  • To combine SafeGraph’s refined geolocation point-of-interest and foot traffic data with other datasets to guide investment decisions

Note: Your contact information will be shared with SafeGraph inc. as they are a joint partner delivering the webinar.