How to simplify data and AI governance

with Unity Catalog
How to simplify data and AI governace

Most organizations struggle with data and AI governance. Data teams spend significant time managing and governing siloed and duplicate data across different data architectures and clouds, which results in error-prone and inconsistent governance.

Databricks Unity Catalog provides a unified governance solution for all data and AI assets on any cloud, empowering data teams with a common governance model based on ANSI SQL.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The product roadmap and how to get started with Unity Catalog
  • How to easily manage user identities, set up access controls, configure audit logs, and leverage automated lineage across all workloads
  • How to securely share data across organizations with Delta Sharing
  • How Milliman is leveraging Unity Catalog to simplify access management and reduce storage complexity



Paul Roome

Senior Product Manager



Liran Bareket

Senior Solutions Architect



Dan McCurley

Cloud Solutions Architect