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Innovating With Data + AI

Asia-Pacific Industry Leadership Forum


Solve your biggest challenges with data and AI

The world has changed. Every industry has felt the impact of the pandemic. The time to transform is now — and data is the key.

Join us virtually for the Databricks Asia-Pacific Industry Leadership Forum and hear from business, technology, data science and engineering leaders in the most impacted industries. Learn how these professionals are tapping into the power of data, analytics and machine learning to drive the next era of innovation.

Why you should join:

  • Get insights from lakehouse pioneers on how leading companies are driving the next era of innovation with data and AI on lakehouse
  • See how tech startups from all over the world — including India, Singapore as well as Australia — are leveraging open source technologies to drive innovation, business value and breakthrough
  • Deep dive into a broad range of industry-specific trends and use cases on deploying analytics at scale with a modern data lakehouse

Featured Customers

Because we believe the data community can help shape a sustainable future, Databricks will plant a tree in your name when you attend the Asia-Pacific Industry Leadership Forum.