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Azure Databricks Learning Series (Part 1)


Fundamental concepts of building a data lakehouse

** This session will be conducted in Mandarin **

As organizations continue to become more data-driven, a collaborative environment for easier access and visibility into the data, models trained against the data, reproducibility, and insights uncovered within the data are critical.

Join us in this curated Azure Databricks 3-parts Learning Series and discover the data lakehouse – an open data architecture that combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes on one platform.

Learn about the 101 steps on how to set up, use and collaborate on Azure Databricks that are essential for data professionals when building out a use case in Azure.

Part 1 – What you'll learn:

  • Azure Databricks Data Management and Governance
  • Real-time Data Applications
  • Databricks SQL & BI
  • End-to-end Data Science and Machine Learning

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Part 3 - Data Science Bootcamp: Turbocharge your business with machine learning

Led by Databricks and Microsoft experts using real-world data sets, you’ll learn how to leverage your data lake for powerful analytics insights, and get access to the best practices for implementing a complete data science lifecycle, enabling your data teams to scale effectively.

Who should join: Data professionals across data engineering, data science, machine learning, data platform, and business analytics.

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