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AWS | Databricks Gaming Dev Day: AI Use Cases for the Full Gamer Lifecycle

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Deploy AI solutions faster to drive gamer acquisition, engagement and retention.

In this recording, AWS and Databricks solution architects specializing in the gaming industry showcase pre-built solution accelerators for the most common gamer lifecycle use cases, including personalization, segmentation, customer lifetime value and churn prediction. They show you how to take these pre-built notebooks based on best practices now in production at enterprise scale, and implement them into your own environment to stand up more accurate and flexible machine learning models within two weeks. Felix Baker, head of data services for SEGA Europe, talks about the advanced AI use cases they are deploying at SEGA to build better player experiences. Matt Trescot – Leader, Games Solution Architecture at AWS also joins us.

And finally we go deep into how to leverage streaming data and natural language processing in near real-time to flag toxic language and behavior before they become user experience issues.

Watching this recording to:

  • Learn how to build scalable and reliable pipelines for real-time gaming analytics
  • Get an overview of the pre-built solution accelerators for common gamer lifecycle data and AI use cases
  • Hear a Databricks customer discuss how they are leveraging the power of AWS and Databricks to improve the gamer experience
  • Get an in-depth understanding of an end-to-end solution for detecting and preventing toxic community behavior in gaming