Azure Databricks Security Best Practices

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Organizations face the common challenge of how to best process and analyze large volumes of sensitive data to securely gain meaningful insights. Azure Databricks is a first party service on Microsoft Azure that provides one-click setup, native integration with other Azure services, an interactive workspace, and enterprise-grade security to power data and AI use cases for customers.

Join Databricks and Microsoft to learn security best practices to help you deploy, manage and operate a secure data and AI environment. We will describe how multiple Azure-specific features fit into the Databricks model for data security and provide a live demo of Azure Databricks to illustrate these capabilities and best practices.

Join the webinar to learn how to:

  • Use Platform Security features for networking and storage with Azure Databricks, such as VNET Injection, No Public IPs and Encryption
  • Deploy, Operate and Govern at Scale for Authentication and Authorization with Azure Databricks using Azure Active Directory single sign-on, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 credential passthrough and integration with Azure Key Vault

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Featured Speakers:

Abhinav Garg, Principal Solutions Architect, Databricks
Anna Shrestinian, Senior Product Manager, Databricks
Premal Shah, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Clinton Ford, Sr. Partner Marketing Manager, Databricks