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Building Production-Ready Data Pipelines on the Lakehouse

Best practices for data engineers

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When you’re running complex, multistage data pipelines in production, a lot can go wrong. Avoid common pitfalls by following battle-tested best practices for building production-ready pipelines with built-in reliability and easy troubleshooting on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Advanced capabilities such as Delta Live Tables and Databricks Workflows can help you introduce deep observability and simple orchestration into every stage of your pipelines.

Join us to:

  • Get an overview of data engineering for lakehouse architectures
  • Learn the best practices and pitfalls of designing and operating data pipelines in production
  • Explore the advanced capabilities of Delta Live Tables and Databricks Workflows
  • See how these powerful solutions work in a live demo



Kyle Hale

Sr. Specialist Solutions Architect


Jan van der Vegt

Jan van der Vegt

Staff Product Manager