How to Break Up With Hadoop

Build a future with a data platform made for AI and BI

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Learn how to migrate from on-premises Hadoop to a cloud data lake for operational efficiency.

Tired of broken promises about how a data lake can support traditional analytics workloads? Has your data lake started to look more like a data swamp? There is a better alternative: A lakehouse architecture that keeps everything you love about the data lake while omitting the bad. Join us for this live webinar and learn how to plan and execute your Hadoop migration from technical experts. Databricks has helped hundreds of companies move from Hadoop to a Lakehouse Platform in the cloud.

Our experts will demo a comprehensive migration process and show you step-by-step how to implement your migration. Your organization will thank you for the power and ease of your new future-proof analytics platform that’s made for both AI and BI.


You will learn:

  • How to ingest data and metadata — and how to keep that data synchronized until you are ready to EOL your on-premises solution
  • How to convert your code from Hive to Apache SparkTM
  • How to transition your existing security (utilizing systems like Apache Ranger) to online security
  • How to administer a unified data and analytics platform to remove the DevOps burden
  • How to enable BI and SQL access on your cloud-based platform


Brian Dirking

Brian Dirking

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Chris Moon

Sr. Partner Solutions Architect


Igor Alekseev

Igor Alekseev

Data and Analytics Partner SA

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