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Data Engineering in the Age of AI

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AI has changed everything — including the role of the data engineer.

Watch the Data Engineering in the Age of AI as we explore better ways to build real-time pipelines and retool your existing data architecture to support AI use cases. Covering everything from streaming data and serverless to orchestration, governance and data sharing, this event hits on everything that's front and center for data engineers today.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Best practices for building ETL pipelines for analytics and AI
  • Simplifying data pipelines with serverless compute
  • Real-time ingestion and transformation with Spark Structured Streaming and Delta Live Tables
  • Lakehouse orchestration with Databricks Workflows
  • Accelerating the availability of analytics-ready data in the lakehouse with Qlik


Michael Armbrust profile image

Michael Armbrust

Distinguished Engineer


Ori Zohar profile image

Ori Zohar

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Matt Jones profile image

Matt Jones

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Vikas Ranjan

Vikas Ranjan

Senior Manager, Data Intelligence & Innovation


Frank Munz

Frank Munz

Principal Technical Product Marketing Engineer


Stephanie Rivera

Stephanie Rivera

Sr. Solutions Architect


tim garrod profile picture

Tim Garrod

Director of Product Management


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