Data lake modernization

10 Habits of Highly Effective Hadoop Migrations to Azure Databricks

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Data and analytics platforms are the foundation of your company’s digital transformation strategy. Yet many organizations struggle with the system complexity, unscalable infrastructure and heavy DevOps burden from their legacy on-premises big data deployment.

Microsoft and Databricks have helped thousands of companies move from Hadoop to a Lakehouse Platform in the cloud. You’ll learn 10 best practices that successful organizations leverage to make the switch from Hadoop to modern, cloud-based platforms like Azure Databricks to drive innovation, productivity and business outcomes. This 10-part framework helps organizations safely and securely migrate data and workloads to a modern platform on Azure.

Join us to learn how to:

  • Get started with a Hadoop migration to drive innovation, productivity and business outcomes
  • Manage data governance at scale across your organization on Azure Databricks
  • See success stories of companies driving business value with cloud-based data and analytics


  • Anand Venugopal, Director, Industry Solutions, Databricks
  • Nishant Thacker, Technical Product Marketing, Microsoft
  • Stephane Caron, Senior Director, Business Intelligence, Radio-Canada
  • Gabriel Sylvain, Tech Lead, Big Data, Radio-Canada