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Databricks Solutions Showcase

Case studies in data and AI from leading global brands

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Data and AI are so new — and changing so fast — there’s not a lot of real-world case studies to learn from. That’s why we’ve built this showcase of success stories from top global brands who are transforming their business with data and AI.

You’re invited to explore how leaders are achieving breakthroughs in six key areas:

  • Supply chain
  • Customer 360
  • IoT
  • Real-time analytics
  • Advertising optimization
  • Security and fraud detection

Data leaders from leading companies will share how they tackled big data challenges — and how they are using advanced data engineering and analytics to drive top-line results. You can also explore Databricks Solution Accelerators in these areas to demonstrate how you can get started immediately on the most common business use cases like customer contextual fraud detection, churn prediction, demand forecasting, and advertising attribution and optimization.

Featured Speakers:


Divya Hindupur

Data Scientist

Walmart Labs

J Sankey

Jake Sankey

Technical Product Manager, Data & Analytics

John Deere

Jason Trost

Jason Trost

Head of Cybersecurity Analytic Engines



Mark Austin

Vice President, Data Science


Amelia Chu

Amelia Chu

Director, Ad Tech / Data Platform


Tarun Rana

Tarun Rana

Head of Data and Analytics, Henkel Consumer Brands, Supply chain