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dbt with Databricks step-by-step training

Get started with data transformation on the lakehouse
eb data teams guide to lakehouse platform

On-demand training

Improve the productivity of your data team by transforming data with dbt on Databricks. You’ll give your analysts the tools to perform end-to-end data transformations without disrupting data engineering workflows. You’ll also unite your data science and analytics teams on a lakehouse platform that offers the best attributes of data warehouses and data lakes.

This training includes six lessons:

  1. Databricks Setup: Get up and running quickly with Databricks SQL, which lets you run all your SQL and BI with up to 12 times better price/performance than traditional cloud data warehouses
  2. dbt Setup: Get started with dbt Cloud by initializing your project and setting up the files and folder structure to reference raw data in Databricks
  3. Transformation: Use the dbt Cloud IDE to transform your data from bronze to silver and gold models — with appropriate configurations — and discover how dbt takes care of writing DDL so you don’t have to
  4. Testing & Documentation: Learn how to apply out-of-the-box tests quickly and use the built-in documentation feature for easy testing and viewing of your transformed models
  5. Deployment: Using dbt Cloud’s native Git functionality and scheduling features, you’ll deploy all your work to a production environment for business stakeholders to access
  6. Databricks SQL — querying and analysis: Go from data to insights faster with Databricks SQL’s built-in visualization and dashboarding tools

Sponsor: Databricks (Databricks Privacy Policy)
Co-Sponsor: dbt Labs (dbt Labs policy)


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Fei Lang

Partner Solutions Architect


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Bobby Birstock

Partner Engineer


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Amy Chen

Partner Engineering Manager