The Databricks Lakehouse Platform

One simple open platform to unify all your data, analytics and AI workloads
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Learn how the Databricks Lakehouse platform can accelerate your ability to work across teams and innovate faster by combining the best elements of data warehouses and data lakes, establishing a single source of truth to power innovation in your organization.

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  • Data Lakehouse vs Data Warehouses
    Hear Databricks Co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi as he discusses why data warehouses and data lakes weren’t designed for today’s use cases, and how the lakehouse builds on these technologies to better unlock the potential of your data.
  • Customer Talk : Building the Lakehouse at Atlassian
    Rohan Dhupelia of Atlassian talks about the evolution of the company’s internal data architecture to the lakehouse as the “sweet spot” between the data warehouse and the data lake.
  • Free Training: How to Build a Lakehouse
    In this technical training, we’ll explore how to use Apache SparkTM, Delta Lake and other open source technologies to build a better lakehouse. This virtual session will include concepts, architectures and demos.
  • Data Management: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
    Discover how Delta Lake simplifies data management — from data processing with ETL to data governance — and why that makes the lakehouse architecture a reality.