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How CRISP saved lives with data

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Watch to discover the power of Lakehouse for Healthcare and Life Sciences and how it’s revolutionizing the industry by bringing together all your data and analytics workloads to enable transformative innovations in patient care and drug R&D.

During the pandemic, the Maryland Department of Health asked Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP) to provide demographic data to track COVID-19. This would have been impossible to do manually. That’s why CRISP implemented a data platform powered by Databricks and Delta Lake. The organization then processed billions of records from hundreds of sources to help fight the pandemic.

Watch to find out how CRISP:

  • Tracked the path of the pandemic
  • Delivered better patient outcomes with the power of data and AI
  • Provided near real-time reporting of key COVID-19 measures
  • Helped improve access to testing for vulnerable communities



Michael Sanky

RVP of Industry Solutions



Andy Hanks

Analytics Platform Owner



Steve Dowling

Data Engineer

Slalom Consulting