Databricks Onboarding Sessions

Session #1: Cluster Creation and Sizing

This webinar provides an introduction to clusters, cost management, access control levels and governance from an experienced Customer Success Engineer (CSE), to help you get started with your projects. The session is particularly relevant to platform admins and anyone managing clusters and/or access controls.

Session #2: Introduction to Data Engineering with Delta Lake

During this session, learn about the Delta Lake Open Source project, the Lakehouse architecture, and the different Delta Lake features. You will also gain insight into big data limitations and bottlenecks and best practices around scaling out data lakes efficiently.

Session #3: Introduction to Data Science on Databricks with MLflow

This data science-focused session covers the different components of MLflow, and how to use MLflow to track, register and serve your machine learning models.

Big Book of MLOps
Big Book of MLOps

A must-read for ML engineers and data scientists seeking a better way to do MLOps

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The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases

Download this free how-to reference guide on machine learning contains everything you need — including code samples and notebooks — so you can get to work.

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Connect with an expert
Connect with an expert

Interested in a personalized demo and Q&A session with a member of our team? Have a question about our products, pricing or training? Connect with a Databricks expert to get all your questions answered.

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