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Meet DBRX, the New Standard for High-Quality LLMs

Deep dive into Databricks’ new, open source foundation model

Get your first look at DBRX

If you’re using off-the-shelf LLMs to build GenAI applications, you’re probably struggling with quality, privacy and governance issues. What you need is a way to cost-effectively build a custom LLM that’s trained on your data.

Watch the video of our webinar to meet DBRX, our new, open source foundation model that sets the standard for quality and efficiency. With up to 3x faster inference, DBRX outperforms all other open models in quality benchmarks — and that allows you to quickly build your own custom LLM efficiently.

Watch the webinar to explore DBRX and learn how to quickly get started with it using Databricks Mosaic AI. In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • The behind-the-scenes story of DBRX, our new foundation model
  • How to fine-tune or augment DBRX for your needs
  • How to build your own custom LLM using Mosaic AI
  • How to deploy and monitor LLMs using Mosaic AI


naveen rao headshot

Naveen Rao

VP of Generative AI


speaker jonathan frankle

Jonathan Frankle

Chief Scientist, Neural Networks